bridge7 develops web-based AI solutions designed to integrate into your clinical workflow with minimal barrier to entry.

We are striving to add efficiency and improve the quality of cancer care by providing access to expertise and workflows based on best practices.

bridge7 can provide the clinical team with AI derived decision making metrics utilizing data from thousands of patients to better inform today’s clinical objectives.

Core to the bridge7 mission is to establish objective, patient-specific metrics that facilitate collaboration, sharing and benchmarking across cancer institutions. These metrics can determine whether clinical practice protocols are adhered to and identify upfront the areas of the patient’s proposed cancer care that are high priority for review. Therefore, we can reduce the human resource effort and amount of time it takes to achieve the most appropriate care for each patient.

Our clinically validated machine learning algorithms enable the clinical team to gain instant consultation and insights on the quality of cancer care before patients begin their treatment course. The platform allows hospitals to increase clinical efficiency, improve quality, and enable delivery of cancer care at the same level as leading hospitals in the world.

Our software is currently under development. If you’d like to be notified when it becomes available, please sign up and we will invite you when we go live.